What are Progression Sessions?

The Progression Sessions came about in late 2014, offering support and advice to young disabled people transitioning into adult services. This can mean anything from moving onto higher education (universities and colleges), employment, and finding the right housing.

The monthly groups are semi-formal, allowing participants to discuss their issues and voice any questions about such sectors, as well as anything that the young people feel needs to be addressed. Together as a group, we endeavour to help each other in order to progress easier through life.

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7 thoughts on “What are Progression Sessions?

  1. Hi I have been made aware of your group by my daughter’s school “Ipswich academy” and I have been asked to get in contact with you by them .my daughter xanthia is 15 and uses a wheelchair when she is out or in school .she is currently in year 11 and we will be starting to look round at further education for her .both I and xanthia’s school would like to know if you could help with any guidance for xanthia and if you could also send a repersentive to xanthia’s school in order to help them also .
    I will look forward to any guidance you can offer my daughter .
    Many thanks


    • Hello. It’s good to hear from you. I met with Ms Chapman at Ipswich Academy today, and she informed me of the meeting that was going to be happening on the 8th October. I would be more than happy to attend, and meet Xanthia and yourself to see what kind of support and guidance she needs. As a wheelchair-user myself, I know it can be rather daunting to think about what will happen after high school!

      I can also send you the next agenda for October’s Progression Session, if Xanthia would like to come along. My email address is jackaman93@hotmail.co.uk

      I look forward to meeting you!


  2. Hi i’m interested but unfortunately the date is not in agreement with my schedule. I hope you’ll plan for another session of “Progression”.


    • Hello. Thank you for letting me know. If members can’t make this month’s session I may move it to the 24th. If you can’t make that the next Progression Session is on the 14th of November.


  3. Hi Becca Claire here I’m interested in coming to one of your sessions (when it’s not a club day of course.

    To be honest I really need your help Becks with getting help with the club in particular with finding someone to help set up fundraising events etc and help with getting into schools and give talks about the club and the sport itself I need help please get back to me Becks


    • Hi Claire! Have you tried getting in contact with Thomas Wolsey School? Also social media is a great way to network with other groups who could help you with fundraising events – have you ever considered using Twitter or Facebook to advertise? I hope this has helped. 🙂


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